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Industry Company Reviews

New Flight Charters was the most recommended charter company in a previous survey by CharterX/Avinode, the world’s largest marketplace for air charter professionals.

A company's people are its foundation. Jackson Hole's New Flight Charters, different from most private jet services and brokers, features only long-term mature aviation experts in the prime of their careers, assisting you in the nationwide charter market.

Considered the top charter team in the U.S., New Flight Charters
is renowned; retaining the top industry professionals with a
superior work environment, the industry's highest compensation
structure, and an twelve-year history of growth and success. We
demand, and reward, the highest service level in the industry.

Jet Charter Denver Company Reviews

New Flight Charters Management Team:
42 Years Charter Experience
51 Years FAA-Certified Aviation Experience
114 Years Executive Management Experience
23,200 Hours Personal Flight Experience

Named the fastest-growing private jet company for four consecutive years, New Flight Charters began twelve years ago with aviation and charter consulting, then grew into a full charter agent and later added aircraft ownership, Part-135 marketing, and Part-91 operations.

Reviews and Comments From Charter Industry Companies

Updated Apr. 11, 2017

"We at Jet Air, Inc. appreciate the opportunity to fly for New Flight Charters. Your staff has been wonderful to work with. Michelle was so helpful and pleasant during the planning, coordinating and communicating the clients' very busy itinerary."
-Jet Air Inc.

"Very professional, thorough, timely and easy to work with!"
- Tavaero Jet Charter Corporation

"We love working with New Flight Charters. They are very detail oriented, quick to respond to any requests or questions..."
Napa Jet Center Inc.

"New Flight understands integrity, honesty, and only wanting the absolute best for their vendors and especially customers. Their time and dedication to the industry shines through in their work ethic. Keep up the excellent work, its a privelege to be a preferred vendor for New Flight Charters."
- Jet Team Inc.

"New Flight Charters has a very knowledgeable staff and is a true gem in this industry. Always a pleasure to work with."
- Travel Management Company Ltd

"Doing business with New Flight Charters is like a walk in the park! If every charter operator/broker would operate the way they do, all of our lives would be so much easier. The entire staff is professional, knowledgeable and friendly. I cannot say enough good things about them."
- Starflite Aviation

"We absolutely love working with Nanette, Michelle, and Rick at New Flight Charters! They are true professionals in this industry."
- Red Wing Aeroplane Company

"Rick and his team have been great to work with over the past 6 years. They communicate effectively and efficiently and our trips always go smooth with them."
- Aviation Consultants Inc.

"We have worked with New Flight Charters for many years to do the flight portion of their trips. All the staff is great to work with, always courteous and professional. They are very detail oriented making our job easier to meet the customer's expectations. We would highly recommend this company."
- Ventura Air Services, Inc.

"Rick and all the crew with New Flight Charters are exceptional to work with."
- Aero Jet Services

"Working with the whole team at New Flight, the experience is always great. The trips go smooth and the communications are always top rate. They are among the top charter companies that shine! Keep up the great work!"
- Jetset Airlines

"We always look forward to working with New Flight Charters. They are fun quick and easy to work with."
- Memley Aviation, Inc.

"Absolutely love working with Nanette, Michelle & the rest of the gang. Very professional!"
- Aeronautical Charter, Inc.

"Our latest charter for Michelle went flawlessly and we hope to work with her and the team at New Flight Charters again very soon."
- Bankair, Inc.

"Always a pleasure to work with anyone at New Flight."
- Sun Quest Executive Air Charter, Inc.

"Working with Nanette and Michelle is always a pleasure. I recommend them to everyone."
- Empire Airways

"Very impressive!!!! Nanette was a joy to work with. Every detail of the trip was to the "T", no surprises. New Flight Charters has pushed the standards of this industry to a New level. I look forward to working with New Flight in the future, what a pleasure!!!"
- Stark Airways, LLC

"We love working with Michelle and Nanette and enjoy a working relationship with them. We always receive the required information for a trip in a timely manner, and payment is always on time. Keep up the good work and thank you for the opportunities you have given us to fly for your clients."
- Southeast Aircraft Charter

"A very nice group of people at New Flight Charters. They pay invoices very quickly which is very much appreciated. Thanks guys!"
- Silver Air

"I have worked with NewFlight Charters over the years and have never had a bad experience, in fact it has always been a pleasure!"
-Avjet Corporation

"Working with New Flight Charters is a pleasure. They are always forth coming with the information needed and ensure a smooth trip for their clients. From an operator stand point they are truly professional and indispensable. It is always a joy to work with New Flight Charters and Nanette Poorman."
- RD Air Services LLC


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Highest Ratings
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Since 2004


BBB Rated A+

Member Denver Chamber of Commerce

Awarded Four Consecutive Years

Awarded Gold Rating

Member National Business Aviation Association

ARG/US Industry Data Resource

US Government Contractor

Dun & Bradstreet Rated

Verified by D&B

ISBAO Registered Operator / Aircraft Available

Wyvern Preferred Brokerage

Member National Air Transport Association

Member Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association

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Aircraft owned by New Flight Charters are operated under Air Carrier Certificate CCJA746C by Centurion Flight Services, Inc.
New Flight Charters performs as agent for the customer and arranges all flights on behalf of charter clients with FAA-certified
and DOT-registered FAR Part 135 direct air carriers, or foreign equivalent, who exercise full operational control.

(303) 729-1444 Jet Charter Denver, a service of New Flight Charters
15954 Jackson Creek Pkwy #B-301, Monument, CO 80132

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